Kitty Calvert

Park Studio

Husband and wife team Phill Calvert and Julia Brampton share a love of music, art and quirky vintage style. Concerned with the amount of waste in the world and its impact on the planet’s future and fuelled by a desire to create something beautiful, Kitty Calvert was conceived.  

Their collaboration is based on treasure hunt and treasure build, which materialises as their unique assemblage sculptures. 

Born from the detritus of a multitude of memories, the sculptures are created using vintage, upcycled, recycled, lost, found and discovered treasure, evoking cherished memories of childhood and times past. Seeing the pieces recycled, revived and restored, reimagined, reinvigorated and reborn in a way that brings new joy to a new audience. 

In a world of mass consumption, we see each piece of treasure as a memory carrying vessel, linking us to a time in the past where things were built to last. With the sculptures, we give unwanted or unloved pieces a new life encouraging the viewer to voyage on their own magical journey of memory and to share their stories. 

We love being Resident Artists at Gasworks. Our studio doors are often open to the glorious park so we can enjoy and interact with nature, the visitors and the other artists. People drop by for discussions of art, artifacts and the stories and memories contained in our pieces. Sometimes they bring us treasure.    To us, Gasworks Arts Park is an inspiring place of beauty and community in which we can create our artworks. 

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