This policy applies to artists, volunteers and members of the public.

Gasworks values customer feedback. We are committed to resolving complaints quickly, fairly, efficiently and courteously. Gasworks will endeavour to deal with all complaints informally and amicably with the view to maintaining good relationships with artists and members of the public, and will value the advice of the staff member who has the subject area knowledge on the issue.

Gasworks will take an evidence-based approach and will collect all relevant evidence (documents, correspondence, photographs, video) before making an assessment on any appropriate further action.



Complaints will be addressed verbally or in writing, depending on the method by which they come in.
For phone calls to reception or to another member of staff: verbal explanations as to various Gasworks experiences or procedures will be given.

For written complaints: the use of the online Feedback Form on the Gasworks website will be encouraged, to capture incident date, time, names of relevant people involved, and geographical location.

A response will be given by each Gasworks representative, in escalating order as outlined below:

1. Reception
2. Relevant member of staff
3. Manager of the relevant member of staff
4. Director & CEO
5. Chair of the Board

Gasworks will attempt to resolve any complaint through amicable discussion. A meeting may be held with a complainant if verbal and written means prove inconclusive. Financial remedies may only be offered with the CEO’s approval.

Gasworks is committed to continuous improvement by updating affected parties with changes and improvements at the end of a process.