Womens Full Moon Circle

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Join Kim and Maddie under the Full Moon for a night of connection, release, astrology, and celebration of the devine feminine. 

Together we hold space for the women in circle, exploring the underbelly of our unconscious nature. 

This ceremony will be interactice and enriching everything where attendees are encouraged to share their thoughts, emotions and experiences as they feel called to. 

Under the lunation of the full moon, the night will include oralce card readings, guided meditation, intention setting, release activities, and plently of astrological chit chats. 


IG: @kimchi.kaptchas

Kim is a ravenous Taurus. Multi-faceted, she has explores the study of astrology, meditation, photography and holistic nutrition. With a passion for all things cosmic, she combines her knowledge to guide herself and others through astrological weather. She is currently open for astrological birth chart readings and photography.


IG: @lewinnaturopathy | https://lewinnaturopathy.com/

Madeleine is a passionate and nature-obsessed Aquarian with a love for connecting others back to the wisdom of the Earth and within ouorselves. She is a Bachelor trained naturopath and has lovingly created an organic herbal tea range, an online naturopathic clinic and runs herbal tea markets stalls and tea-making workshops across Victoria, Australia.

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    Date & Times:
    6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    How to book - Search "Women's Full Moon Circle" or "Lewin Naturopathy" on Eventbrite. 

    Instagram - @fullmoon.collective

    Running Time:
    2 hours
    Garde Studio
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