Twilight Open Studio Evening


The 16 Resident Artists at Gasworks Art Park and Priscilla Jones Cafe are opening their doors to share an evening of art, culture and community engagement on Wednesday 25th November. 

The evening begins at 5.45pm with the first of a series of fascinating artist talks in the Garden Studio with some of our talented Resident Artists. The artists who will be giving you an insight into some of their driving forces are:

The Philosopher - Robbie Harmsworth
The Collectors - Julia Brampton and Phill Calvert
The Activist - Cinda Manins

All of the professional studios around our four hectares of parkland will also be open from 6pm - 8.30pm for you to see weird and wonderful things,  and chat with our eclectic group of professional artists. 

Our Box Office will not be open for ticket collections in the Foyer, instead please purchase your tickets online and present your digital ticket at the door to the Garden Studio.

Priscilla Jones Café will be open throughout the evening with a delicious range of food and drinks available.

Program: (A valid ticket must be purchased per visitor for each session)

Session 1: The Philosopher - Robbie Harmsworth

Time: 5.45pm – 6.05pm

Robbie is a fulltime multidisciplinary visual artist at Gasworks.
Her practice encompasses 2 and 3 dimensional work, from painting, drawing and sculpture. Employing materials such as paper, encaustic and pigments, she is constantly investigating their alchemical properties in order to seek new modes of visual expression. Underpinning Robbie’s visual practice is an abiding interest in mythology, alchemy and Jungian theory.

The Philosopher: ’Navigating A Palimpsest Landscape’ Myth, archetypal image and symbolism is the reference point for many artists. During the chaotic times that mankind has experienced particularly in the past 6 months, there has never been a more salient time to seek meaning. Myths attempt to give us the answers to questions around our basic existence. Perhaps artists of all disciplines have become the shamans of the past, offering insights into our collective unconscious.

Session 2: The Collectors - Julia Brampton and Phill Calvert

Time: 6.20pm – 6.40pm

Kitty Calvert is a creative partnership between husband and wife Phill Calvert and Julia Brampton. Together they create whimsical assemblage sculptures using upcycled, vintage treasure.“We are like recyclers, recycling objects, pairing them with one another and changing their story to our story, or how we interpret what the pieces say to each other” Elevating the forgotten into something beautiful.

The Collector:  The impulse of hunter gatherer is embedded in our genes. Artefacts from the past are the nearest thing we have to time machines. That such pieces survive to tell their stories calls for luck in the long run and quality to begin with. We explore collecting and why it is an important part of history and of the future. Now that our environment is being desecrated for new, reusing the past is ever more important. 

Session 3: The Activist - Cinda Manins

Time: 7pm – 7.20pm

The Activist: Cinda is a ceramicist at Gasworks. Working in an abstract expressionist style, she explores the subject of landscape to study form, surface, and texture in hand-built sculptural work. Cinda works mainly with black and white clay bodies, adding oxides to enhance surface texture.

Her narrative examines the relationship between humanity and Earth in terms of choice and consequence. Cinda’s work expresses optimism at the enduring strength and beauty of nature, despite a foreboding concern about the impact of climate change and environmental degradation. Her ambition is to communicate that our everyday choices make a difference to the planet, as individual action unites in the Collective. Central to Cinda’s thinking is the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi – with the understanding that "Wabi-sabi nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect."

She is currently pursuing greater knowledge around sustainable ceramics in materials acquisition and studio practices in a collective of like-minded ceramicists.

Garden Studio location

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  • Event Details
    Date & Times:
    Session 1: Wednesday 25 November, 5.45pm – 6.05pm
    Session 2: Wednesday 25 November, 6.20pm – 6.40pm
    Session 3: Wednesday 25 November, 7pm – 7.20pm
    Open Studios: Wednesday 25 November, 6pm - 8.30pm

    General Admission: $10 per session

    Running Time:
    Sessions run for 20 minutes each, Open Studios 2.5 hours
    Garden Studio & Artist Studios
    All ages
    Wheelchair Accessible
  • Credits
    Cinda Manins, Julia Brampton & Phill Calvert, and Robbie Harmsworth