Sunday Cup of Absurdi-tea Premiere

- Performing Arts Premiere

Join this group of acrobats for a Sunday Cup of Absurdi-tea; a circus/physical theatre show about being each other’s crash mat.

It’s absurd aerial sandwich making, hallway hula-hoop couture, demonic dance- trapeze and getting slapped in the face with a piece of cheese.

A group of friends and acrobats explore the way in which we carry the ones we love when they are unable to carry themselves.

You’ll leave wanting to pop on a brew, sit down with a cuppa and tell your friends you love them.


  • Event Details
    Date & Times:
    Thursday 1st June, 7:30pm-8:20pm
    Friday 2nd June, 7:30pm-8:20pm
    Saturday 3rd June, 4:00pm-4:50pm
    Saturday 3rd June, 7:30pm-8:20pm


    • Full Price : $35.00 
    • Wheelchair Accessible Seat: $25.00
    • Companion Card Admission: $0.00 
    • Concession: $25.00
    • Group of 4 + : $30.00
    • Under 16's: $15.00
    • Local's Discount (City of Port Phillip): $30.00
    Running Time:
    50 minutes
    Gasworks Theatre
    All ages
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