Little Feet Music Online Concert

Kids Holiday Program


You’ve heard them on the ABC Kids Listen App, and now you’ll be able to watch the REAL BAND in your living room! Songs about germs, jumping, animals and poop! Children (and adults too!) will love this funny and wild performance by The Little Feet Music Band, joined on stage by Bingle, the crazy dancing bear. There’ll be fun and laughter, plus singing and dancing for all who want to join in!

Be sure to check out this fun kids concert with our partner Spondo, buy a 7-day pass for just $10 and watch Little Feet Music's concert with your kids & then re-watch your favourite parts again and again!

  • Reviews:

    We love it so much! Rachel is entertaining, always on the ball, sings awesomely, plays guitar awesomely and has awesome tunes that she writes herself.

    - Sally Walters

    The best! Rachel is funny, fun, entertaining and energetic. The kids all love her. So do the adults!

    - Danielle Wilder

    All 3 of my little people have enjoyed Rachel and Little Feet Music. So many favourite songs, so good for their confidence. Thanks Rachel for many fun times!  We highly, highly recommend LFM!!!

    - Vikki Southey
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    Date & Times:
    Online anytime you choose

    $10 for a 7-day digital pass, watch as many times as you want!

    Running Time:
    60 minutes
    Online Only
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    Little Feet Music
    Rachel Parkinson