I Have A Face Created & performed by Jude Perl

- Performing Arts

An honest and hilarious discussion of mental health with a theatrical twist 

Ever wondered if you’re doing it right? Well, did you read the label?

Life didn’t come with a label, but you will be told your whole life how you should behave or who you should be. You will be told that if you have a problem, there’s a quick fix you can buy… but somehow the problem doesn’t ever seem to really go away.

Through comedy, stories and song, Jude Perl shares insight into her own personal and relatable mental health struggles, reminding us when to be aware of labels and when they are totally useless.

Sometimes labels are super useful, particularly when you’re washing your fave jumper. But at other times, labels can halt your growth and suppress your very existence.

Jude reminds us when to be aware of these labels, and when the labels are totally useless – and most importantly, that we are not alone. She’ll talk about some tough stuff, make you want to laugh, cry, sing along - and make you feel truly human.

More about Jude Perl and this show:

Jude Perl is a Melbourne based songwriter and comedian. She is known for writing and performing hilarious, brutally honest, stream-of-consciousness style lyrics, set to undeniably catchy and well-crafted songs. For years an aspiring indie-pop-singer-songwriter, Jude was repeatedly told that she and her music were not ‘sexy’ or ‘edgy’ enough, and that she couldn’t use abrasive lyrics like ‘pimples’ or ‘lobsters wearing Calvin Klein’ or ‘appropriated Eastern Philosophy’.

Undeterred, Jude focused on comedy. She tried her best to write light-hearted and relatable material, but the subject of mental health always snuck into her songs.

So Jude wrote this show. She wanted it to be funny and serious, and wanted the audience to feel comfortable to laugh or not laugh as much as they wanted. She didn’t want it to be just music, or just comedy. She just wanted it to be honest. And she didn’t want people to feel pressure to put the show into a category, to label it.

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  • Reviews:

    “One of the most insanely clever, comical and talented comedians I may have ever stumbled across… It was the comedy show I had been dreaming about… Jude, you made me laugh, cry and then do that weird laugh-cry thing where you aren’t exactly sure what emotions you’re feeling but snot and tears are dribbling down your face yet you’re still laughing.”  ★★★★★

    - Aussie Review

    “One of the most genuine, honest feeling performers going around”

    - Theatre People

    “Perl manages to draw the complete attention of her audience from her opening phrase. There is a narrative sureness in her voice to match its timbral warmth. Like Ute Lemper, Perl has the kind of instrument that inspires lyricists not to slack off, to invest more in their songs” 

    - The Australian
  • Event Details
    Date & Times:
    Thursday 26 November 2020, 7.30pm
    Friday 27 November 2020, 7.30pm
    Saturday 28 November 2020, 7.30pm

    Full $32

    Conc $28

    Under 30 $24

    Running Time:
    60 mins, no interval
    Gasworks Theatre, Gasworks Arts Park, 21 Graham St, Albert Park
    Suitable for ages 15+
    Contains occasional coarse language, mild sexual references, very mild drug references, and themes relating to mental health (anxiety/depression)
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