Gasworks Farmers' Market Third Saturday of every month

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Deep coloured, ripe and delicious fruit and vegetables, aromatic hand-made cakes and jams, freshly laid free range eggs and just cut flowers are only a few of the sumptuous goods you’ll find at our monthly Gasworks Farmers’ Market, held on the third Saturday of each month. .

You will love spending Saturday mornings on the grass soaking up the vibrant atmosphere and sampling the very best of local Victorian produce, direct from Victorian farmers and specialty makers.

Gasworks Farmers’ Market is proudly accredited by the Victorian Farmers Market Association (VFMA) and our market received the Outstanding Farmers’ Market Award at the 2012 delicious. Produce Awards.

The Gasworks Resident Artist Studios are also open during the Farmers Market, so make sure you pop in and say hello!

For information on stallholders and the circuit of accredited farmers’ markets in Melbourne every week, go to the Gasworks Arts Park pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Please remember, Gasworks Farmers’ Market is plastic bag free and all packaging is as environmentally responsible as possible so bring your trolleys or baskets, reusable bags and coffee cups/mugs.


Gasworks Farmers Market takes pride in championing a vibrant market culture and recognizes the unique entertainment value that buskers contribute to the community. Additionally, we are dedicated to ensuring a secure, inclusive, and culturally aware environment for everyone. Gasworks thrives as a creative hub, deeply rooted in its vibrant artistic and cultural essence. Gasworks welcomes musicians from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, urging them to display their talents throughout the Farmers Market. Gasworks Farmers Market boasts a rich tradition of busking, with buskers significantly shaping the market's character and cultural fabric. Busking plays a pivotal role in enriching the Farmers Market cultural landscape.

Please send your expression of interest to if you want to busker at our lovely Farmers Market.


 Accredited farmers’ markets reflect the true seasons of local fresh food and reconnect the two ends of the food chain; producer meets consumer direct. There is a simple philosophy at the market; that the goods are grown, made and known by those who sell them and that the quality of produce is of the utmost importance. From across Victoria, stallholders bring you a slice of rural life and create a unique and very personal shopping expedition.


The Gasworks Farmers Market is one of four VFMA accredited Farmers Markets located in the City of Port Phillip each month:

First Saturday of each month: VegOut Farmers Market
Second Saturday of each month: Elwood Farmers Market
Third Saturday of each month: Gasworks Farmers Market



For more details about how to apply for a stall at the Gasworks Farmers’ Market and the criteria involved, please contact Regional Farmers’ Markets via: 0419 351 878 or


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    20 January
    17 February
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    21 September
    19 October
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    Running Time:
    8 am till 1 pm
    Gasworks Parkland
    Wheelchair Accessible