Fundamentals of a Life

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Fundamentals Of A Life

by Susan Bowron

Susan Bowron’s childhood was spent growing up on a farm in regional Australia. It was here that she developed a profound connection with nature as she was intimately exposed to the changing seasons, birth, growth, and death. She is a local artist and midwife, living in Port Melbourne. Previously she has exhibited in group exhibitions in Melbourne and regional Victoria. In 2017 one of her paintings was exhibited and represented on a flag displayed in Bay St, Port Melbourne.

In this exhibition, “Fundamentals of a life”, I paint in abstract, and find myself returning to my childhood, drawing from nature, my life experiences, and from the birthing process through observation in my work as a midwife. On my journey as an artist, this body of works reflects on the profoundness of love, childbirth, family, and at times aims to transport the viewer to unexplored realms. My intensely personal relationship with isolation and nature brings to the fore sublime aspects of life, exploring the potential in the simplicity of shape and form against the impact and use of color.

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