Denim Views


Denim Views

by Amanda Wallace

Over the years, I have experimented with a range of mediums, but sewing has been my creative anchor. One of the delightful things about working with sewing machines is that they have ability to sew so much more than straight lines and can turn the most basic of materials into something beautiful and three-dimensional.

My passion with denim as an art form started when my brother-in-law asked me to mend his jeans and I decided to applique a few giraffes drinking cups of tea in the trees. This was the beginning of my desire to experiment with this humble fabric. One of the fantastic things about denim is how readily available it is. Raiding op shops for the faded and motley jeans with a distressed cuff, or diamante pocket detail became a potential gem in my next piece.

Handmade birds have also become a particular interest, with denim the perfect medium as it is tough, has a tone variation and comes in so many varieties of blue.  I love how the birds take on a personality the moment you put their ‘eyes’ on the denim surface.

The city and landscape works were inspired by getting stuck behind huge truck at a railway crossing near Bundalaguah, East Gippsland. Once I discovered the versatility of denim in recreating scenes from daily life it has become something of an obsession.

This exhibition is the result of many years of experimentation, imagination, and resourcefulness. In sharing some of my pieces, I hope to inspire everyone to re-evaluate the creative opportunities that exist around them every day.

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    Monday 22 February - Sunday 7 March
    Opening night is Tuesday, Feb 23 from 6-8pm


    Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery
    All ages
    Wheelchair Accessible
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