Antidote For Venomous White Snakes Andrew Pearson

- Exhibitions Midsumma Festival

“I challenge poisonous patriarchal concepts through my work.

The purpose of this multi projection audio visual work is to reveal the venomous terminology that proliferates throughout white supremacist patriarchy, and on same sex attracted male ‘hook up’ apps. Language that suggests being ‘white’ is superior slops from the offensive to the absurd, revealing snakes consumed by conformist insecurities and judgments.

While initially disturbing, this work seeks to offer an antidote that soothes with visions of a more inclusive and dignified space; where different is beautiful and celebrated.

This installation invites physical interaction with the projections. The language of ‘superiority’ will be projected on the floor to be trampled on as an act of resistance.”

Andrew J Pearson is a contemporary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Andrew's current work has been focused in techspressionismwith image making, music, writing, short films and other new media.

Techspressionism is an art-historical term to describe fine artists using digital technology to convey subjective, emotional content. The subjective lens of the individual artist rather than the product of a corporate studio are what connect techspressionism to its predecessor, Expressionism

Andrew's work has been acquired by collectors in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and The United States.

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    Date & Times:
    Monday 19 April - Sunday 2 May


    Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery
    Wheelchair Accessible