Rise Again

Gasworks Arts Park is excited to offer a $10,000 outdoor performance commission for the development of a new piece of site-specific work to take place in Gasworks Arts Park. This exciting new work developed by Dirty Pennies Theatre Project is called RISE AGAIN which will be performed live in 2021 as part of our outdoor performances in the parklands.

In addition to funding the development and preview showing, Gasworks will also be engaging with a mentor from the Howard Fine Acting Studio to provide feedback on the work.

 The $10,000 commission will be allocated to the following:

  • $2,000 development fee for the artist or company,
  • Professional mentor for three sessions,
  • Regular rehearsal space at Gasworks, 
  • Funded and produced development showing for invited guests,
  • Artist materials up to $1,000,
  • Technical staff assistance,
  • Technical equipment, permits and other production consumables.

About Dirty Pennies Theatre Project

Dirty Pennies Theatre Project is a Melbourne based company dedicated first and foremost to the fostering and development of new work, with a particular focus on female voices, inclusivity and daring. Our ethos is rooted in a shared passion for the art of theatre making, in all its glorious and vexing forms. We’re galvanised by work that asks something more of an audience than to simply be entertained, although we’re big fans of the entertainment part too.

As a company we’re committed to our continued evolution and growth. Our goal is to get better and better at what we do, to forge meaningful creative connections and to deliver theatre that packs a punch, engages hearts and minds and sparks dialogue among communities big and small.

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What is rise again?

RISE AGAIN will be an exciting open-air performance incorporating visual arts, performing arts, music and the community. Audiences will travel through a variety of stations themed around the four essential elements (earth, air, wind, and water) and explore the performance through sound, sight, and the other senses.


Rise Again is a roaming theatrical journey, set in a future where humans have fled to
another planet and in their absence, nature has reclaimed the Earth.

For the few people remaining, new rituals have emerged from the ruins.

Every eight years a storyteller and her acolytes are chosen for a mysterious festival. Signals
are sent into space, with the hope that one day the rest of humanity will hear them and
return. But they might not be the ones who need rescuing after all…

Weaving a tapestry of installation, song, original fables and poetry for a new world, Rise
Again is a magical celebration of the four elements, of resilience, growth, and belonging
through a female lens.

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