Moving Parts Mainstage Season


So far in 2014, we’ve seen Red Stitch Theatre’s blue collar domestic drama, The Kitchen Sink; been thrown into the spectacular choreography of Lisa Wilson’s Lake; been moved by the possibilities of human strength and flexibility in Circa Ensemble’s S; and explored the funnier side of anger management in Unpack This! Then, audiences relished the deliciously wicked and dangerously funny one woman show featuring Helpmann Award winning Ursula Yovich in The Magic Hour, and watched as live performance melded with puppetry in the enchanting adult fairytale The Harbinger.

Our final production for Moving Parts 2014 is Force Majeure and Belvoir Theatre’s Food. Following sell-out seasons in Sydney and Brisbane, Food combines elements of drama, comedy, dance and cookery in an erotic mix of words and movement.

Rodgers co-directed Food with acclaimed choreographer Kate Champion, Artistic Director of Force Majeure. Together Rogers and Champion have crafted a communion between the audience and the characters as they come together around the dining table. Kate Champion has recently announced her resignation as Artistic Director of Force Majeure, so take the opportunity to see her wonderful work while you can.

Of course, a play called Food would not be complete without the real thing. At each performance selected members of the audience will be served supper.

Moving Parts 2015 will be announced in just a few short months, and it’s looking like another stellar line up…