Visual Arts

As of Monday June 1st, our galleries are open for groups of up to 20 individuals. We are very excited to reopen to the public, and allow access to our exhibitions.

If you are unable to attend in person or wish to continue to remain at home, you can still access our exhibitions via the Smartify app & website. Smartify is a new partnership with Gasworks Arts Park that enables users to access artwork from the safety & comfort of their home by using their computer or mobile device.

Some of our audio tours available on Smartify are:
Couch Empire: Living with Chronic Illnesses https://smartify.org/tour/couch-empire-living-with-chronic-illnesses
Kitty Calvert: All Our Children https://smartify.org/tour/kitty-calvert-all-our-children
Gasworks Arts Park Public Sculptures https://smartify.org/tour/public-sculptures-of-gasworks-arts-park