Watchman’s Cabin

Mon to Thu at 10.30am and 2pm

Near Priscilla Jones Café (Graham Street Entrance)

Wheelchair Accessible

Watchman’s Cabin

The Watchman’s Cabin is stocked with Janet Marnell-Brown’s hand crafted jewellery and the icon style artworks of painter Paul Meehan.

Janet Marnell-Brown is an award winning object/jewellery designer and maker. A resident artist in The Watchman’s Cabin, Janet has been a studio jewellery artist for more than 10 years and her work has been exhibited widely in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. In her pieces, Janet attempts to make the “non-precious” precious by virtue of the act of creation. Her work is not concerned with the value of precious metals and stones, but rather by the creative process itself. Janet’s work is underpinned by extensive research in art history, cultural history and genres, pattern formation and design, suitability of materials, all in order to arrive at the right visual resolution for each piece.

Paul Meehan proudly comes from the communication world as an Art Director, and currently works as a resident artist in The Watchman’s Cabin focused on his fine art skills. Works on paper are part of his continuing study into one of his favourite subjects, 17th century Sicilian Baroque. Meehan’s geographical, cultural and historical content is based on research exploring religion, family, and ethnic structure.