Public Sculptures

Man, Dog, Boat

by Henry Smith (1995)

Fibreglass, wood, stainless steel, aluminium
This sculpture is the initial and most prominent piece of public art that guides visitors into the precinct. The composition of the piece makes reference to our unique location and many of the stakeholders that are represented in the Gasworks community. Man, Dog, Boat is a sculpture of a man and dog in a small boat mounted on a wooden pole. Whilst the boat appears to be made from a light-coloured wood, it is in fact made of fibreglass, then painted a yellow ochre with strokes of blue and red. Man, Dog, Boat is located at the Graham and Pickles Street corner.

Not Without Chomley

by Anne Ross (1991)

Cast Bronze
Not without Chomley guards the Richardson Street entrance of Gasworks Arts Park. This sculpture purveys a strong narrative statement about man’s best friend. The sculpture is made of two main pieces – one human figure with dog on shoulder and a second piece of a dog standing.The canine figure being lifted above the man’s head is an acknowledgment of dogs and their owners as important Gasworks stakeholders and the value they bring to our community.

Tour of the ‘burbs’: Doncaster Epic, Site, Post Modern Triumph

by Cliff Burtt (1998)

This sculpture series consists of three steel sculptures which convey a postmodernist urban statement within Gasworks parkland. The series represents the convergence of forest parkland in a historical setting and the contemporary artistic ventures that enable Gasworks to engage a diverse range of urban communities. Steel is located in the forest trail area of Gasworks Park near the barbeques and each structure measures 0.9 x 0.3 x 0.3 metres.

The Angel

by Sione Francis (1992)

Found timber, fabric
The Angel is considered the guardian angel of Gasworks. This sculpture is a focal point of educational tours, where peaceful blessings from the angel are encouraged and shared. The Angel is located on the rear outside wall of the Gasworks Theatre, facing the Park. At the centre of the sculpture is an empty white dress and to either side of the dress are wings. The wings are made of untreated overlapping semi-vertical pieces of wood. The empty dress is mounted on a wooden support.


by Matthew Harding (2008)

Victorian bluestone
Carved in the Gasworks sculpture studio, the shapes of Midden reflect the industrial, cultural and ecological heritage of the Gasworks Arts Park site, providing a theatrical backdrop to the daily life of the park. This work is a gift from the community through the Gasworks Foundation Patrons’ Fund and is located in the central park.