From Nature Winners 2018

Gasworks Arts Park is delighted to announce the award recipients of From Nature 2018

From Nature is a showcase of organic sculpture which took place at Gasworks Arts Park across nine days in November 2018. From Nature offered park visitors a distinctive and unique arts experience which displayed organic ‘living’ public art in an accessible outdoor, daytime setting.

The recipient of the Jury Award is #12 ‘Connections’ by Oliver Ashworth-Martin and Benjamin Storch.
Comments from the Jury:
The work was beautifully installed, captured the gaze and enabled a space for reflection. There was an exquisite tension that ran through the piece, and a subtle investigation of the relationship between the environment and ourselves. All these factors contributed to a strong illustration of when humanity’s connection to the environment is severed from the Life Force.

“We are extremely grateful and thrilled to have been chosen for the award, especially as there were some very strong entries this year. We hoped that ‘Connections’ would act as a meditative, yet powerful, reminder to the significance of our life giving trees. It spoke to the importance of our trees, our earth and our home. It seems people were emotionally unsettled and moved by the fact that the ‘tree’ was severed from its roots and suspended, as if it was a symbol of the precarious point we have reached in our relationship with mother earth.” Oliver Ashworth-Martin and Benjamin Storch

Jury Panel members for 2018 were
Tracey McIrvine – Visual Arts Manager of Gasworks Arts Park and From Nature Curator
Dr Mark Shorter – Head of Sculpture and Spatial Practice at VCA
Tamara Jungwirth – CEO & Director of Gasworks Arts Park

The recipient of the 2018 Peoples Choice Award is #4 ‘Through the Dark’ by Georgie Seccull.
The People’s Choice award was decided by popular vote from visitors to the exhibition.

“Thank you to everyone who came down and voted, I’m honoured to have won the people’s choice award. The owl is a symbol of the ability to live in the dark. For me, I feel it’s through facing our darkest moments and exploring the unknown that we are truly able to see the magic of life. The feedback has been wonderful, the most exciting thing being people’s eagerness to communicate how the piece makes them feel.” Georgie Seccull

The winner of the Jury Award 2018 Connections, Oliver Ashworth-Martin and Benjamin Storch

The winner of the People’s Choice Award 2018 Through the Dark, Georgie Seccull

Both awards were generously donated by the Gasworks Foundation Patrons Fund.