Four stars for The Magic Hour

The Magic Hour played two shows at the Gasworks Theatre on Friday and Saturday. Audiences were treated to a stellar performance by Ursula Yovich – she is a master of her craft and a delight to watch.

What the critics said…

“Yovich is an open and honest performer; she renders each character wonderfully, imbuing every woman with a history, heart and mind of her own. Cinderella’s stepsister fiddles constantly with her scarf; Rapunzel’s witch is hunched but strong; a sock puppet telling of The Frog Prince sees three characters evoked at once. Woven into each story are original songs (composed by Joe Lui); Yovich’s voice is rich and evocative, and the music works beautifully with the other elements of the play. Every tale has a mood of its own, and Yovich rises to the challenge with gusto, each story as riveting as the one before.” Laura Hartnell, Theatrepeople

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What the audience said…

“Everything, the set design, indigenous contemporary flavour of the fairy tales, their stories told from little considered characters, the performer was wonderfully engaging, generous, enthralling, and as for that beanstalk towards the show’s conclusion – truly magical!”
“A beautiful re-imagining of what were always dark tales, not fairy tales. I loved the way the characters became less self-aware of the part they played in the story as the play went on. The old lady in the tower was a stand-out performance, Jack’s mother heartbreaking… I laughed and I cried.”
“The raw, earthy and brilliant execution from performer. A true talent. Props and costume were marvellous.”
“I enjoyed the amazing actor Ursula in the beautiful intimate theatre.”
“I loved the acting, the set, the script – everything.”
“Excellent performance, and set design.”

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