The Sex Worker

WHEN Gallery Open Daily 9.30am to 4pm
28 February – 18 March

OPENING Saturday 3 March 2-4pm

WHERE The Foyer Gallery and Angela Robarts Bird Gallery

COST Free entry

ACCESS Wheelchair Accessible

The Sex Worker

An art exhibition by Victorian sex workers facilitated through the RhED program and sponsored by Star Health which captures the complexity and nuance of working within current legislation and community stigma.

This is an opportunity to challenge your own attitudes and view sex work through the perspective of the artists, the sex workers themselves.

In 2016, Amnesty International chose to advocate for the decriminalisation of all aspects of consensual adult sex – sex work that does not involve coercion, exploitation or abuse. Community stigma impacts the law and in turn directly influences health, wellbeing and access to basic human rights. Bring your friends and family to see art from the perspective of sex workers using art to express challenges, and reflect on the intricate mosaic of working in a role which can be as challenging and rewarding as any profession.

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