The Felix Monologues

Due to unforeseen circumstances The Felix Monologues has been cancelled.

Gavin Roach Presents

The Felix Monologues

Strap yourself in for the premiere season of The Felix Monologues, bringing together celebrated queer theatre maker Gavin Roach’s three one-man shows the way they are supposed to be seen.

Pop the cherry with Confessions of a Grindr Addict. Felix has a date, a real one! It may have been a year since the last one, but Felix is determined to take those first shaky steps outside his trusted smartphone app and answer the age-old question, “what does one do on a date besides have sex?”

The journey continues with Any Womb Will Do. Felix can’t sleep, nursing a bottle of cheap wine and staring at the roof wondering where his choices are leading him, and whether after all he might find out “where do babies comes from when you don’t have a womb?”

Complete the trilogy with the world premiere of Oh God, What If It’s Me? Felix has a third date, and with the same man?! The man seems keen. The man can put together flat-pack furniture. Something is clearly going to go horribly awry. Older, wiser but still awkward as ever, join Felix as he navigates dating’s pitiful perils, false starts and that ever-present possibility, “is it possible that I’m the problem?”

Gavin Roach (GLOBE Artist of the Year 2016) has been a powerhouse of one-man theatre since 2011, with sold out seasons in
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Edinburgh, Wellington and Prague. Take a journey through an eight-year
retrospective of Roach’s work as The Felix Monologues enchant, enlighten and exhilarates in equal measure.

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