Superlunary Room 2

Gallery Open Daily 9.30am to 4pm

18-30 June


Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery

Free entry

Wheelchair Accessible

Superlunary Room 2

Andrew Pearson

A public installation incorporating music, projections, sculptural elements, writing and film.

Andrew Pearson’s latest exhibition is part of an ongoing utilisation of actual and virtual space to provide opportunity for transcendence. A breathing space for contemplation.

The principal concept for Andrew is the unification of humanity and the natural world. Collected footage of the world around us is presented as kaleidoscopic imagery, constructed around a meditative soundscape to evoke our feelings and emotions.
This experiential installation contains rapidly unfolding imagery and invites the viewer to experience the glorious sensation of ‘letting go’.

“I employ traditional and contemporary techniques such as digital media to produce work originating from percipient observation and purposive subversion of traditional narratives with the intention of making the familiar intriguing and ethereal.

Much of my work is an invitation to experience the expansion of personal boundaries whimsical, to consider relationships between all that we perceive and, including recognition that we are an integral part of the universe.

Like much of the work I have been engaged in recently, these exhibits result from the initial creation of a soundtrack. I incorporate musical orchestration and sound more generally to convey sensation that is at once hypnotic and otherworldly. The formation of concepts for visual and other sensory elements follow, being both purposefully and intuitively informed by the soundtrack.”

Andrew J Pearson 2019

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