Script Nights

Thursday 26 July

6 – 7pm

Gasworks Theatres Foyer


Wheelchair Accessible

Gasworks Arts Park and Key Conspirators present

Script Nights

New Ideas | New Scripts | New Art

Be part of the process. Join us at Gasworks Arts Park for rehearsed reads. Exploring new works by local Australian writers. Followed by Q&A.

This Month

Seagull King
Michael Griffith

Thursday 26 July, 6pm-7pm. Free entry. Gasworks Theatre Foyer.

Seagull King Synopsis
Unable to financially support himself, Wallace Wood an old actor who never cracked the big time, is residing in a nursing home. The world thinks he has Alzheimer’s but Wallace is only acting; superbly. To date it is the best performance of his life. Trouble is, amongst the soggy party pie dinners and incontinence pads Shakespeare has found him. Can Wallace find the courage to leave the sanctuary of this chicken coup and through Lear become the greatest of the dreamers . . . The Seagull King?

Michael is a prolific writer. It excites him to forge out difficult stories and he often writes about things that fire him up. Controversial issues in tales constructed around characters that are often seen as nobodies. One of his first plays was a monologue called Decoupage Skin . He has Directed three of his plays, The Indifferent Revolutionist and The Seagull King and Sidelined an anti suicide play for Men. Over the years he has won or placed in numerous short story, screen play, play writing or poetry competitions. His passion is in play writing and currently he has four plays in production or pre production including a Musical called Magpie , that was on in May at Fed Uni in Ballarat and will have its Melbourne premiere in March 2019. His play The Magnolia Tree ( a longer version of his play The Electric Bed had a sell out season early in 2017 and a second season at Gasworks Theatre in Jan/Feb 2018 before it headed interstate to the Queanbeyan Theatre. Sidelined ( formally Suicide Row) that also premiered in 2017 in Melbourne and The Wedge Theatre Sale is also getting ready to tour. In August 2018 When Icebergs Burn a thriller to be Directed by Aarne Neeme will premiere at The Northcote Town Hall. The Seagull King is the perfect touring play. He has just completed an incredibly beautiful but controversial play that deals with International matters and he is currently writing a Rom Com called ‘ Goodbye Lover’ . Michael’s plays have been produced both Nationally and Internationally. He also writes films.

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