Nailed It

WHEN Gallery Open Daily 9.30am to 4pm
21 November – 14 January

OPENING Tuesday 21 November 6-8pm

WHERE The Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery

COST Free entry

ACCESS Wheelchair Accessible

Will Dickerson

“Driving nails into wood is a violent act. Softened by the use of colour, these works represent how we move through life’s trials and tribulations. Colour is used here as a balm, soothing our everyday wounds. The use of colour doesn’t mask hardness, but shows we can live with both, as we must.

Painting can often be passive and inert. My intention is to bring out the painting surface and grab people’s attention to engross them for a second, a minute, or longer like I was by Bridget Riley, Sol LeWitt and Howard Hodgkin. These, along with the pointillists, are big influences on my painting and I synthesise some of their ideas with my nail paintings. Using nails adds a textural dimension to my painting so they change in different lights and from different angles.

As Kandinsky said, “the eye is stimulated as the tongue is titillated by a spicy dish”, and this is my ultimate aim.”

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