Kitty Calvert

Gallery Open Daily 9.30am to 4pm

25 February – 31 May

Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery

Free entry

Wheelchair Accessible

Kitty Calvert
All Our Children
A curious collection of treasure rebirthed

This is the first solo exhibition of assemblage sculpture works by Kitty Calvert.

Born from the detritus of a multitude of memories, each sculpture is created using vintage, upcycled, recycled, lost, found and discovered treasures evoking cherished memories of childhood and times past.

We invite the viewer to reflect on the potential journey each piece has made to its final resting place inside the sculpture. In today’s world where things are designed with obsolescence in mind, we find there is a hankering for things that last. Sometimes these are things from our past….maybe things we let go of years ago or things that were lost or misplaced as our lives evolved and we “grew”.

With the sculptures we have given them a new life. Seeing the pieces recycled, revived and restored, reimagined, reborn and reinvigorated in a way that can bring new joy to a new audience.

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