Indigo Brew

Gallery Open Daily 9.30am to 4pm

13 August – 1 September

Saturday 17 August, 2-4pm

Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery

Free entry

Wheelchair Accessible

Indigo Brew

Lynn Taylor

The artworks in Lynn Taylor’s latest exhibition source her photographs of Port Philip Bay and reflections on ocean warming.

First, she applies indigo dye to create distorted patterns across linen panels. The resulting blues evoke messy faded jeans and express the complexity of our relationship with nature. Next, Taylor paints seascapes that show an oil-driven society, with gantry cranes and black cargo ships swaying on red horizons. These warn of an unknown future.

To symbolize nature’s preservation, black swans appear near docks just before they swim away to the remaining grassy wetlands of Altona and beyond.

‘Indigo Brew’ reminds us of our relationship with nature, and that it is our duty to protect the vulnerable ocean that unites us all.

“I paint about climate change because our interdependent relationship with the natural environment has become critically disjointed. Reflections about ocean warming are expressed with indigo dye that evokes ubiquitous blue jeans of a consumer society. ‘Indigo Brew’ reminds us of our urgent duty to cool mother ocean”.

See more of Lynn’s Art here:

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