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August 13 to September 1

Tuesday, August 13 from 6 to 8pm

Foyer Gallery

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Wheelchair Accessible


Polly Newsome
Polly is a Melbourne based artist with a background in graphic design and Jewellery construction. Her latest exhibition is a collection of 7 related projects that are connected using aluminium flashing; and the allegory of illumination and reflection.

The idea of using aluminium flashing as the medium for these works originated from a project to make a Riza (metal coverings) for a religious icon painting. During her research, Polly came across Milagros, a custom amongst some Mexican Catholics of attaching small metal charms to alters or shrines. These charms were shaped to resemble various body parts, animals and even inanimate objects like a house or car.
Many of the metal images for this exhibition have been pulled from the pages of history; diagrammatic hearts, macabre eye examination and images from the past intended to illuminate an idea or concept. This exhibition explores ‘Illumination and Reflection’ from past to present.

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