HousingFirst Annual Exhibition

Gallery Open Daily 9.30am to 4pm

5-29 September

Wednesday, 4 September from 6 to 8pm

Foyer Gallery
Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery

Free entry

Wheelchair Accessible

HousingFirst Annual Exhibition

Finding Our Place: A Showcase of Community Art
The HousingFirst Annual Art Exhibition showcases mixed media art and photography proudly created by tenants living in community housing. This year, artists consider the concept of Our Place: is it a sense of connection to geographical location or inside space? A feeling within oneself, or tied to one’s identity? Does it relate to a sense of connection to individuals, or to communities? Is it real, or imagined? The questions and reflections raised by this exhibition are part of a wider conversation about ourselves and our interactions with our world.

This group show gives artists living in community housing an opportunity to express themselves through their art, network with other artists and contribute to wider discourses about connection, space and identity. Many tenants have experienced significant personal and health-related circumstances that would impact their ability to hold their own exhibition or participate in art-related activities.

The artworks will feature a multitude of art forms including ceramics, textiles, photography, works on paper and canvas. This is an opportunity to view works based on the stories of the artists who have experienced homelessness and housing stress.

“Art itself gives me a sense of release and achievement. Being involved with the show has allowed me to meet new people, make friends, work as part of a cohesive group and get inspiration from other artist’s work. The concept of Our Place brings us as a group together – it’s something which belongs to us as a group (of artists).” – Jan Grey, artist

“‘Our Place’ is a fabulous way of putting it – because I have my place I can do my art. It gives me the peace and freedom to create my art. Being part of the exhibition has given me the impetus and stimulation to go beyond art forms that I’m currently working with.” – Elee Mead, artist

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