Homage to the Nude

WHEN Gallery Open Daily 9.30am to 4pm
6 February – 25 February

OPENING Tuesday 6 February 6-8pm

WHERE The Angela Robarts Bird Gallery

COST Free entry

ACCESS Wheelchair Accessible

Di Gameson & Chantal Stewart

For Chantal and Dianne the human figure has been an inexhaustible source of inspiration. They have been influenced by the teaching of the well-known artist, Yvonne Audette who wasn’t as much interested in a perfect representation of the figure as in the energy it expresses and the many ways to represent it. This approach gave them the freedom to work quickly, to try to grasp the movement of the model. Through this way of working, the mind becomes empty and let the hand do the thinking. A meditative state is achieved where the eyes and the hand, totally focussed, become one with the model. Through quick poses, the model can afford to take risk, stand the most amazing poses and sometimes put her/his body in a very delicate equilibrium.
Chantal often explored this by drawing models seeming to be weightless or defying gravity, as caught in mid-air, fall and levitation; a metaphor of our own aspiration to freedom.
Chantal also likes to explore her mark making though different mediums which achieve a different quality and aesthetic to her drawings. Sometimes the mark is continuous and drawn with ink on rice or watercolour paper, sometimes with charcoal or Conte with a more explorative hand, looking more attentively at muscles and maybe adding a wash to give the drawing more substance.
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