Histoire Naturelle – Pattern of Nature

Gallery Open Daily 9.30am to 4pm

18 February – 17 March

Angela Robarts Bird Gallery

Free entry

Wheelchair Accessible

Histoire Naturelle – Pattern of Nature

Veronique Derville

“My major sources of inspiration are the patterns found in nature and by wildlife, and their natural habitat. Line, form and contrast have guided the creative process in this solo exhibition.”

Veronique has been developing a body of work around wildlife, in particular penguins. She is fascinated by their lines, forms and colours, their great ability to swim and their funnyway to walk, but also the fact that they are living in large colonies, braving extreme weather conditions and building lifelong relationships, raising one chick at a time. In some ways a bit like humans.

Born in Germany to a French father and a German mother, Veronique Derville was brought up in a bilingual environment. Whilst working as a French teacher, she has pursued an artistic career and developed new skills by following art classes in France and Melbourne. Today she is a full time artist and most works can be commissioned in bronze to a limited edition.

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