From Nature Organic Sculpture Exhibition Winner Anounced

Thank you to our wonderful Gasworks Arts Park community of artists, park visitors, supporters and of course voters.

Gasworks Arts Park hosted 36 beautiful organic sculptures as part our largest From Nature Exhibition This exhibition offered visitors a distinctive and unique arts experience, displaying organic ‘living’ public art in an accessible outdoor, daytime setting.

The Winner of the Peoples Choice Award is:

Big Dog

Jhess Knight and Jess Davie

Artists’ Statement

Inspired by our own love of dogs and the amazing community that frequent Gasworks Arts Park, we wanted to capture the essence of play and joy that our canine friends bring to the park every day. Assisted by our gracious life model, Eevee.

Materials: Bamboo, calico, paint, wire,
Flora: Old man’s whiskers, cordyline pink passion, carex albula, carex oshimensis, peat moss

Highlights of From Nature 2017

Artists and Artworks 2017

1. Mat Vaughan Birds
2. Sione Francis Lei Lines
3. Elizabeth Milsom Wind Palm
4. Kim Simon Fallen
5. Maria Simonelli A small gesture in support of love
6. Ursula Dutkiewicz Home Sweet Home
7. Janine Clark Geez-Louise
8. Jonathan Goodfellow The L O V E Bench
9. Genevieve Thornton Margaret
10. Ryoko Kose Look up the Sky and your World
11. Aneta Bozic Hodge Pods
12. Jhess Knight & Jess Davie Big Dog
13. Carol Rowland City Tree
14. Ben Storch Wave Form
15. Jacinta Leach The Middens of OZ
16. Elizabeth West Cradle
17. Jw Lowe Desire
18. Oliver Ashworth-Martin From Womb to Tomb
19. Mig Dann Looking Down Looking Up
20. Tanja George Table Manners
21. Kate Cullinan Regeneration
22. Jo MacKenzie Tenacity
23. Elizabeth van Herwaarden with Students from the Candlebark School The Friendship Tree
24. Janelle Humphries Kelp Evolving
25. Jessica Pinney Behind all worlds
26. Brigit Heller Abandoned
27. Michele Finey Branching Out
28. Carolyn Menzies Wreak
29. Martina Clarke & Alan Jones Grass Gallery
30. Sth Melb Gardening Club The Four Seasons
31. Lisa Fam Beauty Spots
32. Veronique Dervill & Jo Festead-Hill When Boussole landed in Oz
33. Albert Park Primary School Mandalas
34. Lucienne Noontil Noxious or Not
35. Fen Brady Crowded Solitude
36. Sarah Mott Ocean Contemplation
37. Kira Rosenwax Births Bloom
38. Gallery exhibition A Place To Stand
39. Gallery exhibition Journey // Zehn

Highlights of From Nature 2016

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