Do you Even Gestate, Bro?

Thursday 19 September 9pm
Friday 20 September 9pm
Saturday 21 September 3pm
Saturday 21 September 9pm

Gasworks Theatre

55 minutes

Contains Adult Themes.

Full $21
Concession $18
Group (6+) $18
Earlybird $15.75

Earlybird tickets available until midnight 14 August

Wheelchair Accessible

Elemental Performance Troupe

Do You Even Gestate, Bro?

Ever wanted to see a live birth? Nope? Us either.

Far better to experience the miracle of life circus style, with an acrobatic sperm race, actual male gestation, and dirty flying nappies as EPT (which coincidentally does NOT stand for Early Pregnancy Test) takes you on a ridiculously energetic and voyeuristic story of babyhood into childhood. Sex is where it all begins, and what better way to conceive than on a trapeze? Witness creatively enlarged versions of male anatomy, small adults flipping effortlessly through the air, and full on tantrums as you have never seen before. Making kids is fun, but having them is hard work.

Don’t be alarmed by the large bellies flying through the air – no real babies were injured in the creation of this show. Be prepared to laugh til you cry, cry for reals, and blow open the long held confines of what bodies can, and should, do.

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