dark pulse

Gallery Open Daily 9.30am to 4pm

15 April – 5 May

Tuesday 16 April

Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery

Free entry

Wheelchair Accessible

dark pulse

Janie Forbes and Rosalind Price

Janie Forbes is a photographer living between Melbourne and Northern NSW. Rosalind Price is a Melbourne painter and maker. This exhibition is part of an on-going conversation about life and art-making, shared over many years.


The darkness keeps its secrets enclosed, withdrawn, unspeakable Donna Harraway
Beauty, then, is a non-violent experience of near death, a warning that one is fragile, like everything else in the universe Timothy Morton

The photographs in this exhibition record moments encountered at dawn during wild wanderings in the rainforest surrounding my home. Here, I come close to the alluring secretiveness of things, the withdrawn, the uncanny, the dark and the light. At this hour, light challenges the dark mystery, and beauty lifts from obscurity.

Observing and recording the generative cycles of birth, decay and death in these secret places, I acknowledge the inestimable value of these mysterious worlds. Here are places of rest for a planet whose overstressed, complex adaptive system is now at the limit of its ability to absorb our insult. For a moment, refuge for the planet and for ourselves from the dark lure of progress seems possible.

janieforbes.com @janieforbes


I only went for a walk and found that in going out I was really going in… All life is turning into other things… The dead keep the living alive Richard Powers, from The Overstory

The works-on-paper and objects here are another response to the mysterious pulse of life, and to anxieties about our place within the whole. Wherever I walk I scavenge scraps of natural beauty, for contemplation and crafting. With this exhibition in mind I paid attention to plant materials and their traces of growth and decay, intrigued by the way elements combine and change, and how the disintegration of one thing gives rise to another.

Following an impulse to make textured, nubbly work, in contrast to photographs, I chose sedge, reed, grass, seaweed, leaf and plant dye. Delighting in the tactile qualities of these materials, influenced by their nature and inclination, I soaked and steamed, shaped and wove, wrapped, coaxed and followed…guiding and guided by the process. Questions about freedom and control arose and bumped me up against the line between commodifying and cooperating with the mutable matter of the world.

rosalindprice.com @rosalindprice.jpg

With thanks to Shane Waghorne, Colour Factory, Preston; Hass of Picture Framing, Sandringham; Heather Martin, Caterer; Danny Saks; Alex Connor, Designer

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