Create Your Own Singing Bowl (Coppersmithing)

Thursday 24 September at 10am to 1pm

Sculpture Studio
(Meet in the Theatre Foyer)

9 to 14 years

$55 per participant

Wheelchair Accessible

Gasworks Kids Holiday Program

Create Your Own Singing Bowl (Coppersmithing)

Make your own singing bowl in this hands on half-day workshop with resident sculptor Benjamin Storch. Children are invited to explore the properties of metal, seeing it take shape in the hammering process, changing in hardness and resonance through working and heating, shifting between black oxides and shiny metal.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the transformations occurring in copper and its alloys when worked in the age-old hammering process. Adults accompanying a child may pay and join in as well if they like!

Gloves and earplugs are provided.
All participants must wear solid shoes and resilient clothing.

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