Colour Bomb

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20 November- 9 December

Tuesday 20 November

Angela Robarts Bird Gallery

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Colour Bomb

Keryn Robinson

“In my work I use radiant, vivid colours and abstraction, using both organic forms and patterns and geometric shapes. I’m fascinated by fluorescent colours, and excited that putting them together creates optical effects of vibration or shimmering movement in my artwork. I’m inspired by intense colours and academic colour theories which explain how colour influences our moods and emotions, and even our wellbeing.
Dripping and pouring paint and making bold gestural brushtrokes, I paint intuitively to create spontaneous and playful yet balanced abstract compositions of random shapes and luminous colours.
My use of fluoro colour and spray paint draws associations with Melbourne’s street art, which is another inspiration and passion.
My work for colour bomb! started with producing collages of fake flowers, spray painted with layers of paint until they took on a plasticity and life of their own. Inspired by nature and the urban environment, the paintings refer to the sensory overload of impressions and information we are exposed to by technology and the media.”

Keryn Robinson is an emerging visual artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. She completed a Diploma of Visual Art at Victoria University in 2013.

She is primarily a painter and her work explores bright and clashing colours and abstraction. She is fascinated by the optical and emotional impact of bright colours and has uses fluorescent paint. The influence of street art, another passion, can be seen in her use of rough brushstrokes and spray paint.
Keryn has exhibited in group shows at Victoria University and MREAM since 2011 and curated and organised a popup group exhibition in Yarraville in 2018, and co-curated a feminist art exhibition in Maidstone in 2017.
Keryn writes about art at

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