Changing Lanes

Gallery Open Daily 9.30am to 4pm

28 May – 16 June

Tuesday 28 May 6-8pm

Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery

Free entry

Wheelchair Accessible

Changing Lanes

Amy Lewis

Emerging from a career in graphic design, artist Amy Lewis draws from her experiences growing up in and around the trucking industry. By examining her past Amy is forging anew way forward. She draws extensively from popular colour palettes and typefaces in the 1980’s, exploring the gentle and delicate scrollwork that has adorned heavy, utilitarian transport trucks.

A large part of my childhood was spent around my family’s trucks, and I loved it. The smells, the sounds, the art of the signs. My fascination with visual communication started here – as a curious 5-year-old shadowing sign writers as they worked on the trucks, no doubt being very annoying and asking lots of questions. Awed by the skill of these artists, their ability to produce in some cases quite delicate works of art on these vehicles with little room for error.

During a 20-year career in graphic design, my work has been recognised with awards from organisations such as Graphis and has featured in numerous respected journals and books around the world. Craving a change, I have now found deep fulfillment in the creation and sharing of art.

The works presented in Changing Lanes examine family, belonging and self-acceptance while also looking at the tensions and contrasts in my upbringing and in the current environment. Masculine/Feminine, Greenie/Conservative, Rough/Gentle, Utilitarian/Beautiful, Connected/Disconnected – this body of work is about moving forward and being in charge of your own direction.

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