Africa and Beyond

Galleries Open Daily 9.30am to 4pm
19 November – 16 December

Foyer Gallery

Free entry

Wheelchair Accessible

Africa and Beyond

Cathy Scott and Susan Marais

Cathy Scott is a Zimbabwe-born artist who has lived in Zimbabwe, Kenya, South Africa and Australia, with her African roots deeply influencing every area of her life. Her journey of discovery in the creative arts, has been one of exploration and joy, especially as she has found it to be most meaningful, when sharing her journey with others who are just starting out in their art journey too, and seeing them experience the reality of what they too, can do! Her heart is to help others realize their potential and the joy of making something that holds meaning, even deeper than the visual art. Being able to connect and create something that speaks deep to another’s soul is most rewarding.

Susan Marais developed her love for Africa’s wild life and nature from living and growing up in South Africa. She immigrated to Australia 15 years ago where she slowly learned to love her new country. She sees herself as a person who creates with her Creator. She has a need to create on her own terms and enjoys experimenting with different media, techniques and subjects.
Susan sees a story in each painting. Each one leads her into a journey of it’s own.

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