Gallery Open Daily 9.30am to 4pm

11 February – 31 March

Tuesday 12 February 6-8pm

Foyer Gallery

Free entry

Wheelchair Accessible


Suyee Hughes

I was adopted from China in 2002 at age 10 and spoke very little English. I had a hard time with school as I struggled to fit in and understand what was going on around me in this new world. When I began painting 15 years after my new life began in Australia, I was immediately drawn back to my first culture.

I began to explore ancient Chinese ideas of feminine beauty. The
ornate headdresses and the decorative details of their costumes, especially ancient China and the richness of the Imperial Palace.

I realized that even though it was hard to for me to express my feelings in words, I could paint them.

My work gives me a way in to my feelings.
It reflects my journey and search for belonging and identity.

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