Rehab for Stress Junkies

REHAB is a 5 day session program:
Every Thu from 8pm to 10pm

Garden Studio

5 Sessions $220

Wheelchair Accessible

Rehab for Stress Junkies


Learn to be free of procrastination, worry, overwhelm, anxiety, self-criticism, indecisiveness and the need for approval. Stress is an addiction to using limiting beliefs, negative emotions and unhelpful behavioural patterns to achieve ‘success’ and experience feelings of peace, contentment and self-worth. While stress can bring results, it can also prevent you from being and feeling your best self, moving forward and being kind and loving to yourself and others.

Quitting stress can be difficult, fraught with withdrawal symptoms and prone to relapse because there is a fear of changing an approach that has proven effective or successful in the past. This fear can keep you addicted to stress even when you experience overwhelm, stagnation, anxiety or depression. Rehab involves letting go of fears and self-limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviours and creating an approach to life in which peace, contentment, self-worth and ‘success’ is achieved effortlessly.

The Rehab program involves 5 weekly two hour sessions designed to:

  • Identify the limiting beliefs & emotional needs that are causing your addiction to stress
  • Understand the root cause of your stress patterns & sabotaging behaviours
  • Recognise your stress triggers & your barriers to changing unhelpful beliefs, emotions & habits
  • Detox your mind, body and spirit of stress causing beliefs, emotions and behaviours
  • Learn practical strategies and design fun rituals to help let go of ‘the old’ and to support new self-loving behaviours
  • Learn new Kinesiology, Mind Detox, Energy Clearing and Meditation techniques to sustain ongoing rehab and prevent relapse
Belinda Morris
t: 0406 958 388