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Would you like to be a part of something special? Then check out the After Dark Pozible Campaign to raise money for The Boardwalk Republic. There are some amazing rewards up for grabs!

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Back in 2012, Frank Minniti sensed a disturbance in the Melbourne Fringe Festival Scene. The festival is amazing and there are hundreds of amazing shows on display in some beautiful and well equipped venues, but the action is centered predominately around the North Melbourne Hub. Those from the south-eastern side had nothing locally to enjoy.

In response to this glaring omission, Afterdark Theatre launched  ‘Gasworks Afterdark’ for the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2013. Featuring 6 shows across two venues this festival was a big success for Afterdark Theatre and finally brought the Fringe Festival to the South East.

Building upon last year,  Afterdark Theatre wants to do something bigger and better for the 2014 Fringe season. This time we hope to create the ‘Boardwalk Republic’, featuring three venues, more then 60 shows and a 1920’s theme inspired by the two famous American Boardwalks, the Atlantic City Boardwalk and the family friendly Coney Island Boardwalk. You might have seen the show Boardwalk Empire. We liked it, too.

How the funds will be used

The Boardwalk Republic this year is planned to have 3 venues. That Gasworks Main Theatre which will be renamed ‘Big House’, the Studio Theatre (or the ‘Clover Club’ as we like to call it) and an all new venue ‘The Bally’.

The Bally is a geometric dome tent that will be placed at the northern end of the ‘Big House’ and will house a number of small to medium size shows along with being the picture house for the Boardwalk Republic Movie Nights. The Bally provides a unique feel to shows and is most well known for its position in the Gluttony gardens during the Adelaide Festival. Sadly though great venues iike this don’t just roll up for free, so we have allocated a portion of any funds raised during this campaign to help bring the Bally to Melbourne.

The second and biggest new feature of the Boardwalk Republic compared to 2013’s Gasworks Afterdark is the addition of a large outdoor area, of which the previously mentioned Bally will be part of.

The outdoor section will encompass the park directly to the south east of the gasworks main theatre. It will feature a number of community stalls, an art gallery, a bar (Either named Jimmy’s Pier, or Charlie’s Cocktail house, still deciding), an outdoor stage for free entertainment, food trucks, popcorn and fairfloss for the picture house, and tables and chairs to eat and make merry.

Naturally, a setup like that requires some logistics. The area needs to be fenced off to keep things contained and allow for the liquor license. Toilets need to be brought in. Security in case the prohibition officers try and raid the place. You know the drill. A large chunk of funds from this campaign will go towards helping bring this outdoor area to life.

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