Resident Artists

Benjamin Storch [Sculpture Studio]

Benjamin Storch’s work stems from a fascination with fluid, dynamic motion, whether witnessed in nature, human motion or computer-aided visualisations in the sciences. Plottings of the behaviour of pendulums, imagery of surfaces being drawn into ‘fields of attraction’, strange attractor point clouds and fluid dynamics are all a major influence on Benjamin’s sculptural work.

To achieve a dynamic quality in metal Benjamin spent years researching techniques to form sheet metal into surfaces of negative, anticlastic curvature. Achieving this in steel relies on a sensitive manual control of specialised machinery as well as traditional hammering techniques, which gives Benjamin’s work a unique tactile quality. While casting might be an option, the sheet metal process leaves a visible, tangible trace of the inherent tensile forces and thus reflects the intention behind the work. Some pieces more literally embody mathematical principles associated with topology, dynamical systems and surface curvature while others are the artists impressions of some of these systems.

Benjamin has an extensive client base and exhibition track record internationally. Recent projects include a number of commissions for hotels such as The Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong and the Shangri-la at The Shard in London. Alongside these he has been making work for exhibition at Sculpture by the Sea, the McClelland Sculpture Survey and Brenda May Gallery.

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Cassandra Williams [Ceramics Studio]

Cassandra’s work involves a deep connection with the subject through ceramics, bronze casting, and acrylics.

This connection travels through the works, from the model in Life Drawing, the landscape painted plein- air on the cliffs of Albion in California and when moulds are made from the Pondo natives of the Transkei, South Africa.

The paintings exhibit a passion for colour, paint is applied with an immediacy, brushes and tools are loaded with several colours, there is no sketching the subject, allowing creativity to flourish in the moment.

Fabricated surfaces are made from fibreglass and industrial plaster, borne from an extensive background in ceramics, sculpture and painting.

Cassandra graduated from Prahran College of Advanced Education in Ceramics. Leaving Australia Cassandra traveled extensively for 6 years; from Overland adventures; living in the Transkei, South Africa for years to sailing the Oceans.
She settled in California with her family for 26 years.
Continuing Studies in Sculpture, Bronze Casting and Painting in San Francisco further inspires her present work.
Cassandra has participated in solo and group exhibitions. Her work is in private collections in Australia, USA, South Africa and India.

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Cinda Manins [Ceramics Studio]

Cinda enjoys the challenge of hand building sculptural forms, and whilst she is interested in experimenting with a range of clay bodies, she primarily works with Southern Ice porcelain.
Her work explores the textural variety clay offers through abstract expressionist slab forms and smaller hand built pieces. Cinda finds the subject of landscape an ideal vehicle for examining form and surface. Despite a foreboding concern about the impact of climate change and environmental degradation due to human exploitation, her work expresses optimism at the enduring strength, beauty and survival of nature.
Her work is largely process driven, with narratives addressing the harsh beauty of ancient eroded Australian landscapes and cold, smooth Antarctic floes.

Cinda grew up in Bayside Melbourne and has spent many years living in Central Victoria. She recently returned to live locally and is delighted to live by Port Phillip Bay once again.
She has studied a Bachelor of Fine Art (Ceramics) at Federation University, a Bachelor degree in Anthropology & Media, and a Graduate Diploma in Museum Studies.
She is particularly interested in how humans seek meaning and express cultural and individual identity through visual representation.

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Jonathan Leahey [Sculpture Studio]

Over the last 20 years I have work exclusively as a sculptor, and have created numerous public art works in the United States, Ireland, Belgium and Australia. All public commissions have been completed on time and within budget. These have ranged from monumental stand alone steel works created entirely from objects found on site to kinetic, animatronics installations.

I have collaborated with many different people and in many different situations; to achieve the safe and appropriate installation of public art in city gardens or restaurants (for example, with structural engineers and planning officials from the Los Angeles City Council), to arranging logistics for a film shoot in the Sahara Desert (with the head of a Berber tribe in Morocco), or to create a fire breathing centrepiece for an international arts festival (with electrical engineers in Ireland). In my current practice I work closely with a wide group of people with different skills. Depending on the job these may include welders, architects, combustion technicians, risk managers, structural engineers, electricians, plumbers, gas fitters, crane drivers, interpreters and accountants. Collaboration is the key to a good job. The creation of a sculpture does not stop at the original design – success lies in the bringing together of the right team to get the job done.

Each public commission has required specific responses to the site, its history and its current use. My approach in each case has been similar; my idea for the work at each location has developed and been honed from observation of the area, discussion with the surrounding community and a strong, and often visceral, visual response to the brief. My work creates a local identity – resulting in immediately recognizable, iconic image, accessible to the casual observer and inviting deeper consideration on a more complex conceptual level crossing over time

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John Meade [Sculpture Studio]

John Meade (born Ballarat, Victoria 1956) employs rigorous geometry and soft organic forms in an intuitive way to materialise his ideas, creating tightly orchestrated pieces that explore the metaphysical, the surreal and the erotic. Meade has exhibited his work throughout Australia and internationally since 1994 and has received several significant public sculpture commissions, including, Riverside Corolla (2011) at Southgate, Melbourne. His survey exhibition Objects to Live By / The Art of John Meade toured extensively throughout regional galleries in Australia.

His work is held in distinguished public collections, as well as private and corporate collections, including Heide Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Monash University Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Meade received the Anne and Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship in 2003 for graduate study at New York University.

With support from Asialink, Australia, he undertook a studio residency in India in 1998-99. He is represented by Sutton Gallery, Melbourne.

Image: Blue Square 2014, acrylic

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Kris Coad [Ceramics Studio]

Kris Coad is a ceramic artist who produces pieces for exhibition, a translucent porcelain tableware range for retail, and pieces for commission. She has been a practicing ceramicist for over 20 years, dividing her time between her studio practiceand being an educator.In 2002 Kris was awarded a Masters of Fine Art by Research RMIT. During the same year she was the only Australian honoured at the Sydney Myer Fund International Ceramic Award Shepparton Art Gallery.

Kris has exhibited in over 60 exhibitions including the third World Ceramic Biennale in Korea, Dianne Tanzer Gallery, Manly Museum and Art Gallery and Craft Victoria. Her work has featured in many magazines and journals including Ceramics Art and Perception International, The Journal of Australian Ceramics, Ceramics Monthly USA, Hand Made in Melbourne, Donna Hay, Vogue Living, Vogue Entertaining and Travel and Gourmet USA.Her work has been acquired for public collections including Icheon World Ceramic Centre (Korea), Parliament House (Canberra), Shepparton Art Gallery, Manly Museum and Art Gallery as well as private collections in Australia and overseas.

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Elizabeth Milsom [Visual Arts Studio]

Elizabeth Milsom was born on King Island where she spent her first five years on a Soldier Settlement sheep farm before moving with the family to Melbourne.
As she grew up she developed a love for making things, which led on to studying a degree in Printmaking at the Victorian College of the Arts.

In 1987 she was awarded a project grant from The Visual Arts Board, Australia Council to produce a hand printed book of etchings titled ‘Maiknoen’.
One book in the edition of ten is held in the collection of The Balllieu Library, University of Melbourne.

Elizabeth changed her medium and developed a transfer printing method using a hot iron, synthetic transfer paint and the actual plant to print on to canvas. During the printing process some of the plants natural colour came through on to the canvas, creating an interest in the wondrous glow of natural colour.

Inspired by nature, plants form the catalyst of her most recent mark making.

Ink is made from eucalyptus leaves and applied to silk using a wide range of methods; such as painting with a Chinese brush, steaming, dip dye (Shibori) and ice dyeing.

Elizabeth has worked over 30 years as a practising artist exhibiting in solo and group shows around Australia and internationally.

She also teaches art in the community, facilitating classes in centres around The City of Port Phillip.

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Niki Koutouzis [Sculpture Studio]

Niki Koutouzis is an emerging visual artist working with sculpture, installation, video and text to explore ideas and intersections of gender, age, sexuality, labor and space. She has a non-English speaking background and moved from Greece to Australia in 2014. In 2018 she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art with First Class Honours at RMIT University of Melbourne. She was awarded the McCraith Scholarship in Fine Art in 2017 and the RMIT Study Support Scholarship in 2016. She lives and works in Melbourne.
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Oliver Ashworth-Martin [Park Studio]

For UK-born artist Oliver Ashworth-Martin the seed pods of Australia have become a
central theme in his work. Not only do they house and protect the multitude of new life,
they also represent nature’s continuous cycle of renewal and growth. For Ashworth-Martin
the natural world is an endless flow of life coming into form, moving through form and
leaving form.

Ashworth-Martin’s work transcends the everyday/mundane natural objects that we find
scattering the Australian land, and re-awakens a fascination with our natural world. When
we become aware and mindful of our environment we see that “what has always seemed
so natural reveals how wondrously supernatural it is” (Frederick Franck, The Zen of

Through a process of removal, and clear human intervention upon the native pods,
Ashworth-Martin shows the unfathomable complexity and depth of the natural world, while
simultaneously pointing to the impermanence within it. Both his sculptural and twodimensional
practice are investigations into the timeless and formless intelligence within
nature, the ghost in the machine. No matter what is removed there will always be another
layer of truth waiting to be revealed.

Previous exhibitions include ‘Nothing Lost’ Westend Art Space, Melbourne,
‘Bonaza’ (winner of the contemporary sculptor’s association award 2017) YSG Melbourne,
‘Form-Formless’ Tacit Gallery, Melbourne and ‘Scenic World Sculpture Exhibition’ (Highly
Commended Sculpture Award), Sydney.

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Banksia by Rebecca Garfield

Rebecca Garfield [Showcase Studio]

“I am a drawer who primarily uses coloured pencils to create my art, but I enjoy experimenting with other mediums like water colour and acrylic paints, charcoal and grey lead pencil. Regardless of the subject matter, my drawings are generally very detailed, and pencil is layered to create depth of colour and texture.

The multiple layers of pencil give the art a very tactile nature that draws the observer in and aims to incite a physical response in the viewer, sensing the tactile quality of the animal or plant.

My muse is the beauty of our natural surroundings and its living inhabitants – be that animals, flora or the human form. My work strives to create a connectedness with our natural environment for the viewer when they are not in a natural environment. My pieces intend to calm, inspire and uplift the onlooker whether they are a child or an adult.”

Rebecca sells limited edition giclée prints (unframed and framed of her work) as well as exquisite greeting cards from the Showcase Studio opposite Priscilla Jones Café. The Showcase Studio is open to the public on Tuesdays, Fridays and every Farmers Market, so come in and say hello to Rebecca.

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Artwork by Robbie Harmsworth

Robbie Harmsworth [Visual Arts Studio]

Robbie is a multidisciplinary artist based in Elwood, Victoria.
She completed a Diploma of Fine Art at RMIT majoring in ceramics, and
a Masters of Fine Art by Research at Monash University in 2008.

Her practice is based on an intense study of the power of myth and its
universal message, and incorporates ceramics, drawing, painting and

She began her career as a ceramist. The large sculptural works serving
as the canvas onto which imagery was etched. During her period of
study at Monash, Robbie was invited to change focus from sculpture to
drawing and painting, essentially due to her passion for linework, which
remains an integral component of her practice.

Robbie’s multidisciplinary practice reflects an enduring interest in
materials and how they can be manipulated to give voice to visual
expression. The investigation into the alchemical nature of encaustic,
lead and paper in both two and three dimensional form is currently
occupying her practice. Robbie approaches her large works on paper
and linen by initially treating the surfaces with metal, pigments and
binding agents: the alchemical melange acting as a trigger for the
resultant work, which will be then drawn into, painted and collaged with
dyed papers. Her sculptural forms are constructed from dyed papers,
which have undergone a similar process to the 2 dimensional work.
She has also been commissioned to make a number of large scale
drawings of the environment reflecting her childhood experiences
growing up in the country in Victoria.

Robbie was a finalist in the Paul Guest Drawing Prize at Bendigo Art
Gallery in 2012, 2014 and 2016, and the Kedumba Drawing Award in
NSW in 2014 and 2106. She exhibits regularly in solo and group shows,
and recently completed a residency at Bundanon based on her drawing

Her work is represented in the collections of Shepparton Art Gallery and
National Gallery of Victoria.

Robbie is represented by Eastgate Gallery in Melbourne and Studio
Gallery Group in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Robert Lee Davis [Visual Arts Studio]

Robert is an international mixed media painter, who works in oil, found objects, acrylic paint, pen and ink, pencil and collage. As a painter, Robert creates cinematic paintings reminiscent of early colonial coastal cartographic surveys but with miniscule precision. Working across painting and collage he combines formal techniques with newsprint and images from journals and magazines. Robert’s work was always influenced by the stories and conversations he encountered and the experiences he had during his travels across the continents. Robert’s paintings show that the value of space is equally as important to capture as well as changing light, shadows and the world at large.

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Tanja George [Sculpture Studio]

Tanja was born in Vienna, Austria but grew up in Germany where she worked as a journalist for Esquire magazine.
In 1989 she moved to Australia where she studied Fine Art, encompassing various subjects from photography and film making to painting and sculpture. In addition, she completed a Bachelor of Film and Television at the Victorian College of the Arts film school in 1995.
Tanja made several short films which were screened at film festivals all over the world. Her TV documentary Death and Passion was filmed on location in Spain. Tanja also travelled 9000 kilometres throughout Australia to direct a travel documentary for German television.
In recent years, Tanja’s creativity has returned to sculpture. She has exhibited in various exhibitions throughout Australia, won first prize at the INSPIRED Art Award and several of her sculptures were ‘highly commended”. She also completed a commission of 16 sculptures for the Sydney Park Hyatt Hotel.

In the fabrication of her sculptures she uses a vast variety of materials from bronze to industrial/mechanical components and from photographs to packaging material. She like to misappropriate everyday functional objects and put them into a new context and an aesthetic, creative realm that is challenging to her and the viewer.

More than wishing to supply answers, she wants to pose questions. She would like to inspire the viewers to have their own thoughts on the universe, our relationship with it and human nature.

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Tricia Sabey [Visual Arts Studio]

Tricia Sabey is a landscape artist who reflects the abstract qualities of land, sea and sky in relation to the horizon line. Through the changing patterns of colour, form and texture, her works convey psychological, emotional and visual space. Tricia paints in oil on recycled plywood.

Over 25 years Tricia has had numerous solo exhibitions, and participated in many group shows. She won the Two Dimensional award at the 2005 Williamstown Contemporary Art Exhibition. She has a B.A. Dip Ed. And commenced a Masters in Fine Art at Monash University. Tricia majored in Art History and taught for 25 years at Victoria University. Her work is in private collections in Australia, the U.k. Germany and the Netherlands.

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Ursula Dutkiewicz [Ceramics Studio]

Ursula is a ceramic artist with a long history of creating sculpture, murals, community art projects, commissioned works and residencies.

She is a passionate facilitator of creativity and has extensive experience working, teaching and running workshops with in communities, schools and with people of all ages and abilities.

Her love of nature and recently photography has seen her art changing reflecting her concern over environmental issues facing the planet.

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